Tuesday, July 9

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Happiness is an Inside Job !!

The Sun rises everyday..true! So..Is it a sunny day every day? 
We know that, a day to be sunny needs a clear sky..free of heavy clouds.. one with a favorable season. Also we all know that, the true nature of a sky is deep and bright!!.. rest clouds ..either shiny-white or dark-heavy... ..they are just temp.

    Same is the kind- Human nature. Everyone of us is a bright being. Our inner instinct is serenity and love, and they ultimately provides inner happiness, a peace at soul. But sometimes our mood sways with emerging positive and negative emotions within us. Shiny white feelings come with the emotions like love, calmness, enthusiasm, hope, confidence, assurance, gratitude..  and those dark heavy feelings come with depression, unhappiness, resentment, annoyance, fear, insecurities, tiredness or simply stress... Sometimes these dark emotions drag us down, sap our energies and leave us astray..              
    Certainly, all of us experience a feeling gripped by dark emotions at times.. In time of disappointments, we stuck feeling sad and hurt.. In frustrating situations , we stuck feeling annoyed and angry..  If Upset, we stuck feeling afraid and worried.. and when time has been embarrassing, we stuck feeling ashamed and Sorry!! When drowned with such feelings, it certainly is not possible to communicate as effectively as we wish to. and it's obvio! nothings seems happening!! 

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Wednesday, February 27

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No one is to blame!

It was my parents' fault, my teachers' fault, my neighbor's, my boss' fault;
it was my enemy's fault,my government's fault, a leader's fault, a religion's fault, a corporation's fault.Why does God do this to me? He must hate me. Satan surely possessed me; he must control me.

When I was obese, I blamed those in charge of my food preparation or those providing nutrition education.When I was considered learning disabled, I blamed others for my unfair labels, unethical misdiagnosis and wrongful institutionalizing. When I was homeless, I blamed the government, society, civilization. 

When you see others lie, cheat, steal, deceive and conspire, do you blame them for their ignorant hurtful drama? Even if some injustice calls you to action, blaming them will not alter your situation. No one is to blame, yet only one person is in control of re-charting your life.The herd runs off the cliff blaming others for their stampede, and the crazy ones are those who accept personally responsibility, turn around against the shoving mob and walk away from the immoral demise.
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Saturday, August 25

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Problems on Discovery !

I wish for happy hours as everyone else.

Though I wish for it almost all the time, problems keeps popping out every now and then and it is not unusual at all.

I am way too emotional and equally an immature being. J. How silly I am to expect for life without problems while life is nothing if not a continuous overcoming of problems. I simply misunderstand the situations and sometimes even the people too. May be my understanding levels are not of enough height and hence these are ways to improve myself.

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Thursday, August 9

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Just Through my Lens...

Right now,
I see it as a “bad break” life has given me..
I feel by now, I made those days unnecessarily difficult...
i just pressurized myself ,as my efforts through the year has lost their values today.. 
Though there was nothing to lose.. I felt I lost it!! 
But it is all me.. a mind-story of an emotional being,
feels like it is a defeat.. But deep inside I know it is not!!!

Above all, this is me who is again making a conclusion so early..
as if I know how my life should have been  and what will be best for me..( punch to self )
Slowly but realizing that I am a learner in every way!  
And from something that happened recently ..i’d learned a lot.  
Its all about my life and the satisfaction I want from whatever I do,
….no matter where!! 
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Monday, July 2

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May be an Expert Planner....

Days ahead are completely uncertain. I may assert how my tomorrow will be..or atleast guess what may happen the next day but despite of all approximation.. what is going to happen ahead, I am less confident about it simply because anything can happen in the next moment. I don’t mean to say day tomorrow will be drastically different but being too confident is way too hard.

~Smiling~ I plan, I decide to do this and that, as if it is going to happen perfectly as I’ve wished for. Expressing my feelings, I am not trying to encourage anyone to stay a frivolous life Or discourage anyone to make their plans ahead. However I feel like deep inside everyone of us know that making a plan and moving ahead is just a way to live a life.. All that has to happen, it will definitely happen..that’s all.

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Saturday, April 21

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Incomparable'...Unconditional Love

She is the most beautiful person in the world to me: She, who has been nurturing the child in me as well as influencing the women in me. She is Mother less more a friend to me. A friend who’s always guided me in the right direction, who’s wondered along when I lost track, who’s always been welcoming no-matter how many times I’ve left, who’s always been there when I needed her-even when I thought I didn’t…She who’s never enforced her rules on me, instead has allowed me to learn from my mistakes.
She,whom I’ve less expressed my affection towards as much as I’ve poured my discomforts and dislikes, don’t know why sometimes nearness makes it harder to express things we want to. Words find no voice and despite the willingness we fail; I wonder why that happens.Why end up sounding critical, when in fact wanted to show gratitude? Why so hard to utter those simple words that convey acceptance? Why withhold the positive emotion when there’s plenty amore? Why do we often miss to see what we have and nag over things that we don’t?
Luckily! When it comes to Mothering, “There’s less expectation and more an acceptance”.
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